Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today was my niece's confirmation. The dinner party afterwards was so beautiful and it was held in a place called Nauthóll, which is nearby the Reykjavík's beach. The food was also amazing. But the most fun thing about it was to meet everyone and catch up. 

On the left is my niece, Birta. In the middle is me and on the right is my sister, Signý.

My outfit 

After the dinner I met my giiiiirl, Isabella. We went downtown with my parents to a café called Café Paris. When we were deciding what to get, we first told my father that we wanted a drink called Safe sex on the beach which we thought was such a funny name (like Sex on the beach but with no alcohol). My dad said: Don't you want a Virgin mojito? LOL get it? VIRGIN.
Anyway, we ended up getting Strawberry mojitos and nachos. 
I think I ate enough for the whole week!

Isabella and me at Café Paris.

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